Monday, October 06, 2008

Blog Update

For those new to my blog or who have even been around a while, I thought I might give you a little history on my blog.

I began blogging on March 22, 2006, you can read the why then on my first blog post. It was an interesting experiment that has grown into a love. I actually have become really passionate about blogging on a consistent basis.

Those first few months were sporadic until about October of 2006, when I realized there was a whole blog world out there and I learned a few things to track my blog and my blog entered a new phase.

I was a crazy blogger, blogging up to 3 times a day some months. My most posted month was a month where I posted 100 times.

My journey in blogging shifted somewhat going out of '07 and into '08 when, at that time, I wanted to create a new focus on this blog. It paid off with my subscriber base tripling in no time.

Now I'm in a season where I am doing some various posts updating our journey, leaving some encouragement, and helping other make a difference in their world.


StepUpToTheCall said...

Hi Jason - glad to see a church planter/campus pastor with a love for writing and interest for sharing his notes along the journey! I would ask where you find the time, but I get the feeling blogging is more a passion than a must-do for you :) Thanks for the recent twitter follow (ltbaxter), I'm even newer at that than blogging. Larry (PS on your left side, typo on 'Categories')

Jason Curlee said...

I would say that now it is a passion...but I still fall into the must-do...

Not sure when I fall into the find the time category...especially this year since I work a full time job on top of everything else.

I will say that over the past six months the quality of my posts have dimensioned due to time constraints...but I feel this is a season.

Thanks for following Larry...I also subscribe to your blog as well.