Friday, September 05, 2008

Winning Souls

If there has been one thing that I have always believed was the most important part of our youth night or Sunday morning service it was the invitation.

It was the time when we would invite those that didn't have a relationship with Christ to begin one. I have always stressed to our team and those that came that it was the part we were always working up to. It was why we created everything we created. It was the purpose of every song. It was the end result of the message that God had laid on our heart. It was the main reason we gathered.

It was what has always driven our growth. I believe God always drew people to what we did because we have always challenged those who came to begin a relationship with Christ if they already hadn't.

Craig Groeschel of wrote two posts on the Swerve Blog about the invitation that may help you in your invitation.

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