Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where Do We Go From Here

I'd be remiss to tell you that I don't have some goals for our campus. I'm probably not going to share many know how people might interpret them. Let's just say that what we are aiming at is so big that only God will be able to make it happen.

I have always taken serious the call to "Go and Make Disciples". And I love the fact that the first church in Acts "added daily to the church." I'm believing big things in these areas.

I also feel that we can be a resource to our own community. A church that serves the needs of the community and helps bring social change. I guess it comes down to feeling like we would be noticed or missed if we ever stopped doing this campus out here. Not just by the people that come but by the community at large.

And then my other desire is that we create true community in our campus. Where it truly is a place people call home and come to think of it as family. Where people live life together.

I guess my true heart desire is that we are more than a "video campus". That may be the mode of our message but it isn't all we will be about. We are here for a purpose...God made this happen for a reason...and I'm glad I'm on this journey to find out where exactly He's taking us.

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