Saturday, September 13, 2008

An Opportunity

This weekend is our Grand Opening and due to the fact that we had a visitor by the name of IKE to the Gulf Coast of Texas it changed our weekend schedule. On Saturday's our message is recorded live from our Corpus Campus and then we use it for our Sunday Morning.

Because hurricane IKE was possibly coming this way...we canceled our Saturday night service in Corpus which meant...NO VIDEO. So for our grand opening I have the great opportunity to speak live, which will actually also be a first for our campus.

I so love how God uses me when I speak and I think I actually learn more than anyone in the room. I'm actually looking forward to when we kick off youth ministry as it will be a time where I will get to be used in an area of one of my giftings.

I'm pumped...I've been in ministry since 1995 and have given tons of messages. In fact, if it were ever a spur of the moment thing like this I could always pull out something that no one has ever heard.


I also knew that we were launching a new series this weekend. So when I got the word on Wednesday I began meditating on the series and what I could possibly speak on. It actually took me all the way up to Saturday to get just what God would speak through me.

So tomorrow...fresh off the presses...will be the start of the series RISE UP for our Grand Opening.

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