Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Now What

Several years ago I was sitting in church and at the end of the message I sat there wondering...."Now What?"

Don't get me wrong...it was a good message...loaded with information....BUT...I went home that day asking "What do I do now?" And then week after week that same thought kept hitting me. Even after taking a new ministry position...the same thing. Very informative...but no application.

I think often times many pastors/teachers have worked hard on their message and even on their delivery but they end up falling a little short. You can greatly enhance your message by always making sure people know how to apply what they just heard.

Why is this important? Because people aren't just challenged to be hearers but doers. And it is important that we show them how to apply what they are hearing so they can be doers.

As you are writing your next message, simply ask "Now What?" Take it from the perspective of someone who will be sitting there listening. Make sure you are teaching what they can do next now that they have heard.


youthpastoradam said...

I always ask "SO WHAT". Great reminder to us all though. It's not content but life change that we should desire to see.


We should be able to "walk-out" a sermon.
This will make me re-think how I do ministry.
Thanx for the reminder Jay.

Jason Curlee said...

Thanks Adam and Dave for the positive feedback.