Monday, September 22, 2008

Funny thing...I woke up yesterday and realized we have only been doing our campus for ten weeks and were at one week after our official grand opening. It is absolutely blowing me away.

After doing this now for ten weeks the official numbers over a ten week average are:
  • Attendance 139
  • First Time Guests 12
  • Commitments 3
Here are some details that you may not know. We are exactly 22.4 miles from our Corpus Campus which is a church that seats almost 3,000 people. Some people might think that our size for the first 10 weeks is due to people coming from that campus to save on driving. Not true. This past weekend we asked by a show of hands how many people were members of BAF. I would have pegged around 30% of the people there. We already are reaching many people who have never been to Bay Area.

When we charged forward to do this we did it with the singular goal of reaching people who had never been to our church. Our initial core group of people that first weekend was probably around 40 to 50 people. Many of which were new to Bay Area themselves.

What has been great about our campus is that it really has been birthed from people who live in our community that have decided that they want to reach the area they live in. We didn't come to steal people from their churches. We came to reach those who may have never gone to church or who have given up on church or even those who feel they are no longer making an impact where they are and want to be a part of a vision that truly is about making a difference.

It is simply amazing that God is using us this way. We totally give Him the credit. We have a great team that deserves much of it for all they do. We're just getting started and we're ready for more.

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