Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Check List 1

As a church planter...yeah that's what I feel I am even though we have launched a site for Bay Area Fellowship...there is a subtle saying, "Some that start the journey with you won't finish it with you"

When you are launching there will be some that don't continue the journey with you. Reality is...it's ok. In fact, it is even a biblical reality.

First, don't let it bother you. It's probably not a bad thing. It may sting. Disappointment will probably be there. You might even take it personal.

Second, it has happened to many...many...many before you.

Third, it is probably a good thing. Many times God may actually be working behind the scenes to line things up for you. Let it drive you to Him for the solution.

Fourth, keep moving forward anyway. Many will come and go...stay hard to the vision.

Why did I write this post???? Cause I'm one of the many. I've checked this one off my list. I have seen it happen in the months of the journey we have been on this year. In fact when we first decided to partner with Bay Area some of our initial team didn't continue. I'll tell you the truth...I just kept plugging forward believing God would have someone for us. We lost a guitar player and God had already positioned someone to move into that spot. I could go on and on.

REALITY....God is even more interested in making the vision happen than we are. Believe and know He's got your back and keep on moving!!!!!!!

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Jason Arredondo said...

Awesome post.