Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Who Do You Listen Too

Do any of you listen to any other pastors other than your own through the week? If so, who and how?

For an example...Craig Groeschel at LifeChurch.tv via podcast or Joel Osteen via TV. I hope you get the picture...

Let me hear from you....my answer will be added into the comments.


Brian Eberly said...

I listen to Francis Chan of Cornerstone Simi Valley, CA, and Rob Bell of Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids, MI. Good stuff!

jaredstill said...

Hey Jason,

I'm blessed to attend The Village Church in Highland Village, TX. (Dallas). Matt Chandler is one of the most listened to Pastor's on the web/iTunes. It's an amazing Church.

I listen to Mark Driscoll at Mars Hill Church, SEA...and have been fed by the Truth of his sermons. I've listened to the last couple years of sermons from Mars Hill, and I wish every single man would.

The second set of sermons that has rocked my world and impacted the trajectory of my education in the Bible. And that's Tommy Nelson at Denton Bible. His book, "The Big Picture" is tremendous in putting the story of the Bible together.

Also listen to Pastor Brady Boyd at my Dad's Church in Colo Spgs; New Life Church. (Formerly pastored by Ted Haggard). It's an amazing Church that has shown such Biblical perseverance through their multiple trials.

Great question, Jason!

Chad Wright said...

I listen to Matt Chandler every week.

If I have extra time I'll dive into Mark Driscoll and Perry Noble as well.

Anonymous said...

Ed Young Jr. on Sunday mornings before heading to church

Andy Stanley via podcast

Perry Noble via podcast

Mark Heimburger said...

I listen to Perry Noble via there website www.newspring.cc

And I listen to Steven Furtick through there website

I am a visual guy and I wilk to watch it, plus Newspring has there praise music on thier website.

rpitts18 said...

I listen to other pastors all throughout the week mostly by internet or tv.

Some of them include: Craig Groeschel, Paul Washer, Jeff Noblit, Creflo Dollar, Charles Stanley, Ed Young, Jentezen Franklin, Billy Graham.. there's more, but hose are the ones i listen to the most.. =)

Jason Curlee said...

Thanks so far to everyone who has left a comment...it is actually giving me some other speakers to check out.

Look for my comment coming up pretty quick.

Jason Curlee said...

Here is my list:

Andy Stanley, Northpoint via podcast
Craig Groeschel, Lifechurch.tv via podcast
Steven Furtick, Elevation Church via podcast
Community Christian Church via podcast
Mark Batterson, National Community Church via Podcast
Troy Gramling Flamingo Road Church via podcast