Wednesday, July 09, 2008

What A Difference A Year Makes

My wife is hijacking my blog today as we reflect where God has taken us since this time last year. Enjoy her post.

What a difference a year makes.....heard it so many times and thought honestly does that really happen?

Well I can officially, honestly, and whole heartily say, "WHAT A DIFFERENCE A YEAR MAKES"

If anyone would have said this to me last year I would have laughed. I mean laughed hysterically to the point of tears. I would have never thought that we would be at this place in one's years time.

Let me say that I know God is capable of above and beyond anything I can comprehend. I also know to dream bigger then my little brain can wrap itself around but, this time last year didn't feel this way.

I knew God had nothing to do with what happened but it was hard to see through the storm. Little did I know that God in His infinite wisdom had big plans for our lives.

It has been a year now since we left our last church. It's no secret it was not in the best of terms and it was not by our choosing. Many things have come out of that time in our lives. We were able to take a step back and realize that God is not a controlling, manipulating God nor is He arrogant or prideful. He is a God of choices, love, and mostly great humanity. He showed us how much He loved us and how much He believed in us.

After the storm cleared, the sun starting to shine again. We got the awesome privilege of meeting some great friends along the way. People who were unpretentious and love God with all their hearts. Pastor John Atkinson came into our lives and Pastor Bil Cornelius and his beautiful family took us under their wings and allowed us to heal and gain our confidence back. They loved us through the not so pretty times and accepted us right where we were. We were able to see Jesus in them and a new picture of what it meant to be the family of Christ.

We started to see God in a different way. A way of great patience, great love, and most of all a true hunger for the lost. Many churches say they want to reach the lost but it has been my experience that that is not so. It actually is the furthest from the truth. What they really wanted is to keep God in a box and pad there lifestyles. For the most part they just loved the control and the position not the people.

I know it seems harsh but it is what it is. Sometimes the truth is staring you in the face but most people choose to ignore it. I guess in some ways it's easier for them that way.
I guess you can say they are deceived?

I always want to be known as someone who challenges the truth and never compromises no matter what the cost. We can look the other way for convenience but at some point it does and it will affect you. It will affect you in your walk or even in your relationships. After all it's the covering your sitting under that sets the tone for all you do.

In saying all that I came to one realization that God loves me beyond my comprehension. I also know that we are at a place in our lives that we are totally in love with.

It is the satisfaction of knowing God is for you and the satisfaction of having His favor on your life. In the storm he built character, in the storm He built confidence, and in the storm He brought us home.

In a few weeks we are launching Bay Area 5 Points and I cannot put into words the excitement I feel. The anticipation is ridiculous. I literally feel like I am bursting at the seems......How crazy is that? In all the years of ministry, never have I felt such peace and joy over what I was doing. I can honestly say I found peace at BAF.

We have an amazing support system. Pastor John has been amazing and Pastor Bil Cornelius in one of the most amazing leaders known to mankind. Anyone who says differently is seriously just a hater...LOL...if you knew the man, you would see what I mean.

He is truly a humble guys who simply loves God and surrounds himself with people who love God too.

So in saying what a different a year makes!!!! We are launching in two weeks and grand opening in August and boy are we going to take this town by storm.............I advise you to hold on to your seats.........

With God all things are possible and with great leaders at the helm they get even better.

Much love
Robbie Curlee

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