Sunday, July 06, 2008

One Wild Weekend

This weekend was the Fourth of July holiday and what a wild one it was for me.

Thursday Detective Curlee
Thursday, it started out with us driving home to visit my parents at their farm. As we were driving down the highway I noticed some suspicious activity as we passed a car on the side of the road. I pulled over to let the car catch us and then sped up to re-catch them to make sure it was the right car. I then called my brother who is a Texas State Trooper to let him know what I saw.

He then put me in touch with the Sheriff's Department in the County we live in. I then kept myself in front of them to make sure they didn't pull off.

When we got close to my home town a Deputy Sheriff began following the car. Then another. Then another. Then my brother in a DPS car. Their plan was to stop them in an un-populated area in case they jumped out of the car and ran. Since we had gone this far we decided to follow and see what happened.

While we were following though I started worrying if it was the right car. I could just see a whole family being pulled over by 5 or 6 different officers. Then I thought my brother would never let me live it down if I was wrong.

All of the sudden we see all the officer's put their lights problem though...the car isn't stopping. Then it cuts through the median to the other side of the highway. Across the highway into the ditch...of course at this time I figure I was right. Once they hit the other ditch everyone bailed out of the car, over the fence and hit the woods.

In all, only one of the guys was caught. And thus my day as a detective were over.

Friday Jason Curlee "Snake Hunter"
Friday evening my daughter and I drove out to the pond on my parents farm. As we were driving by the pond I saw something move on the ground. It was a poisonous Copperhead snake. I stayed to make sure it didn't slither off while my daughter went to get my Dad with a gun. He came out and shot it. Of course the rest of the family wanted to come see it. Here is a picture.

While we were all there looking at it. Another Copperhead, even bigger, came out right by us. I guess it was coming to help the other. My dad, with his gun, shot at it and missed. It began to slither off towards the woods when I sprang into action and began to strike it with a cattle prod, thus killing it.

And so my day as a "snake hunter ended". It really was quite a humorous sight of me trying to kill the snake I was told by my family. Here are some pics of the second snake with me in action:

Saturday Spin Out
Saturday as we were driving home it proceeded to pour down rain. We were following about 100 yards behind a car when all of the sudden that car began to hydro-plane and then did a full 360 and started to slide into the ditch. I immediately hit my brakes and slowed to not get into an accident myself. That car came to a stop and we checked on the driver. She was ok and was able to drive out of the ditch and waited for someone to check on her.

We found out in the next town when we saw the lady at a store that the car spun out a second time and ended up getting stuck in a ditch. Everyone was safe and we got home safely.

Somewhere in all of that we shot off fireworks and I smoked some mean ribs and "Coke Can" Chicken. And with that our weekend of excitement came to an end.

How was your weekend????


lottery said...

This topic have a tendency to become boring but with your creativeness its great.


nothing as fun as your weekend.
just fireworks, food, and relaxation.

Jason Salamun said...

anyone who can catch a snake is okay in my book.