Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Summer Slump 2

I talked a lot in another post that I just don't buy into the fact that summer has to be a time where we accept that there is no growth.

Sure people may be taking vacations and etc...but you can see growth and on top of that there are many other growth factors that could happen besides attendance.

Check out this series from Craig Groeschel at SWERVE that talks about the summer issues:

The Summer Slump
Your Church Can Grow This Summer
Your Church Can Grow SPIRITUALLY This Summer
August Is The New September

Also check out Nelson Searcy's blog post "Free Report - How To Maximize Summer" at the ChurchLeaderInsights.com/blog for some great ideas on summer.

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Nelson said...

Thank you for the to my summer report - glad you found it helpful!


*Now blogging at www.ChurchLeaderInsights.com/blog

Jason Curlee said...

your welcome Nelson....thanks for all you do...