Sunday, June 01, 2008

Our Campus Plan

As we continue to launch our Bay Area Fellowship 5 Points Campus I thought I would let you in on our plan/time-line.

Right now we are renovating our campus. Since I posted this update we have painted our adult meeting area and framed out two of our children's room as well as finished framing our last wall in our nursery. This week I'll post another video keeping you updated.

Until we get most of this renovation completed we are meeting as a core team on Sunday evenings to talk about vision, serving teams and our plans. This front end time has been a time of really getting to know everyone.

What a lot of people may know or not know is that we have three churches that have ended up coming together to make this happen.

First, my wife and I were launching our own church with some families while we were attending Bay Area. You can read about that in my post "My Big Announcement 2". Secondly, Focal Point out of Virginia suspended their video church right about the same time. Most of these families had made the move over to Bay Area and as they found out about our campus have jumped on board. And then many people from Bay Area Fellowship who live out in our community.

We are all working towards a September Grand Opening. I'll come back and let you know a little more of our summer time-line.

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