Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm A Little Crazy

Am I crazy? I think crazy is the essence of faith.

It's crazy to walk around a city 7 times thinking it going to fall down.

It's crazy walking up to the Jordan river in the hopes that it will split.

It's crazy to dip yourself in a river seven times thinking you are going to be healed.

It's crazy to get out of a boat, put your foot down on the water and walk on top.

It's crazy for 7 or 8 families to uproot themselves and move to another city and launch a church.

It's crazy to get a report from a doctor and say that you are going to believe the report from the Lord.

Am I making my point yet? You may or may not totally agree. But in my book you have to be a little crazy. Faith demands a little or a lot of craziness.

How has your faith been crazy? I want to hear your story.

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MCC said...

My husband was offered a job 1/2 way across country. Away from all of our family and friends after 30 years of living in OR. We had 3 small children and it was frightening. I just felt the Lord tell me that I needed to go. So, we did and we have really grown. My husband has changed so much and my children are in a totally different place emotionally. We left a lot of drama behind in OR. My Mom had recently died and that caused the family to start tearing apart. We're able to join Granger Community Church and really learn jump into a new life. It was scary, but I'd do it again if I had to go back!