Wednesday, March 05, 2008

You Give God A Bad Name

Ok...I have a huge confession to make. I know we are supposed to love everyone...right? Isn't that what our Bible says? Love your neighbor as yourself.

Problem is...and this is my huge confession...there are some people that when it comes down to it...I JUST DON'T LIKE.

The real problem - Most of the people I don't like are CHRISTIANS.

There I said it. Hey at least I'm being honest. Let me give you the reason why. Well it might be better if I show you why. In the video below (RSS readers you may need to go to the post to see it) there is a woman who is obviously a Christian by the way she talks and acts, who are just going to have to watch the video. Trust me you have 3 minutes and 10 seconds to watch this. The action with the woman picks up at 1.22.

Back story to this is that the now former mayor of a town near Corpus (Alice, TX) is on trail for stealing a dog while she was the mayor. But it is this woman in the video that, well, is trying to cast the devil out of the reporter that...well trust me you have to watch it.

Did you watch it? It is no wonder that so many teens and young adults want to have nothing to do with the church today. This is a blatant perfect reason. If I didn't know that there are actually some great down to earth Christians...this person would TURN ME OFF FROM CHRISTIANITY TOO. I was yelling at the tv.

If you act like this...please give God a bad name.

What are your thoughts? I know this was an confession of mine, but does this turn you off as well.

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Christopher Scott said...


I might be the minority, but I appreciate honesty and transparency more than a fake smile and fake nod of the head.

Thanks for sharing your honest feelings towards people like this.

redheadrev said...

Whoa! That was VERY bad. I agree with you. She probably thought she was doing the right thing, too. That's the saddest part.

It would be hard to believe that someone with a close relationship with God would EVER act like that.

She didn't even make sense!

db said...

Loving your neighbor doesn't mean you have to like them or tolerate their nasty behavior, lol!
Many people use the name of jesus but don't know him. She shoulda just kept walking instead of talking to the reporter.
And i agree with you, i don't like most christians. But what can you do with them.

Jason Curlee said...

Christopher - I agree...I work in a school full of at-risk teens who do not fake it.

Red - she came off as crazy to me...I mean c.r.a.z.y.

db - I guess I'm going to have to deal with it...heaven is going to have lots of Christians.

youthpastoradam said...

this was absolutely crazy! you don't have to wonder what the reporter thought of her. but what i wonder about is what he thinks of jesus now.

we are all influencing others, and i think she influenced him in the wrong direction!

Jason Curlee said...

yep Adam....This is a prime example of how not to reach out to others.

Anonymous said...

wow, that was nothing short of scary! She isn't what I'd call eccentric at all. Might not be very Christian of me to say so, but she is nutty.

I hope they do find out what her name is so they can refer her to Dr. so she can get the help she obviously needs.

Keep up the good blogging.

chris said...

jason - wow. all i can say is wow.

lloyd owens said...


so now Christ is in the business or making an fool of himself on local TV stations. This isnt honesty or transparency, this is spookie pookie and they need to stop! Im frustrated as, well i dont say those words anymore, but im mad at this foolishness. Sorry man i had to vent.

Jason Curlee said...

Venting over so allowed.