Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Who's To Blame

Everyday I stand face to face with some of the ills of society. Some of our failures.

Who's to blame?

The teens...their parents...NO...It is the church who is to blame.

We are no longer, as a whole, impacting our society.

Who do you think is to blame???

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unfortunately, the church stands around, holding hands, "on our way to heaven" all the while our communities are suffering.
We have become irrelevant, being overly consumed with "doctrine".
The church is supposed to be the most dominant force on earth. Right??

Jonathan Ellis said...

Right on!

I think the stats show that as the overall population is increasing in the US, while the number of churches are decreasing. I read that somewhere I'm sure. Anyway, a good friend shared this word with me yesterday. Christians, especially the church, need to be running to the darkness. Sometimes we ignore problems, other times we're just plain chicken. Fact is, we are the vessels of "light". We are the one's with the knowledge of truth. We are the one's with the good news to share. We are the one's called to do God's work. We are the one's that choose to (or not to) have an impact for God's Kingdom. We need to choose to take that light to the darkness.

Jason Curlee said...

Dave - Yes, the church is supposed to be the most dominant force on earth.

Jonathan - Running to the darkness is what is not preached in most churches. Instead it's watch who you surround yourself with. God called us out to be a "light". Right On!!!!