Monday, March 24, 2008

Reverse Church

What if the primary church really consisted of many home groups that all come together on Sunday in a mission-oriented reach-out mindset?

The pastor's role would be to feed transformational materials/studies to the home group leaders who would care and feed their home groups. Then it would be to lead the Sunday Morning Outreach Experience.

The role of the home groups would then be to come together in a massive effort to evangelize the community through serving instead of watching during the Sunday morning experience.

When I read the end of Acts 2...I could almost picture that. They met together primarly at home and in the temple daily it says. And with the amount of people, they had to think of church in a different way. They couldn't build a facility to handle the crowd.

Really, is just a paradigm shift.



db said...

awesome. The early church must have been an awesome community to be a part of.

Good post. You are starting to sound missional. LOL!

I'm still at a place spiritually were i don't see the need for a sunday gathering. so its hard for me to relate to all your post.

I think when the apostles met in the temple (which i believe was only during the feast) they were teaching jesus and praying. And whatever the custom was at the time. those are my thoughts anyway.

Jason Curlee said...

db...interesting thought. I myself love the community and time together with others on Sunday. Of course in Bay Area Fellowship where I'm at, the Sunday's are set up in mind to reach out to the unchurched/unchristian.