Thursday, March 13, 2008

Confessions And Prayer

Today, I'm hijacking my blog and changing directions. Why? Well...because it is my blog. Now before you change gears and tune out I am going to tell you that I'm going to get a little transparent over the next few posts or so. When done I'll get back to our Madness in Ministry series.

I need your prayers. One of my problems is I feel I can handle things alone. I'm great about telling other people they need others, but I try to be tough. I try to stand in faith alone. I try to get the answer or the solution all by myself. I am one of those guys that will tell you I'm doing good when life is feeling pretty crappy. Am I the only that does that?

Is this turning into a confessions post now?

Here is what I need prayer for:
Due to the "choices" made by others I had to resign last summer from the youth pastoral position I was serving in. There was no warning. There was no time to prepare. It had to happen then.

Because that was thrust on me, it put my family in financial jeopardy. We could have probably looked elsewhere for a ministry position, except that I have felt called to the South Texas area.

Within a month we began partnering with two other couples to plant a church. Things were beginning to get into a routine and the church was actually growing. Within two months we were averaging 43 people. Until my partner decided to have a secret meeting with our other board member whom he was close friends with and elected himself Senior Pastor Supreme.

Needless to say after that failure things were still hard financially. I ended up falling into a teaching position at a charter school for at-risk teens. Actually it has been great being here. It has given me even more of a passion to reach out to this community.

Only thing though is financially we have never been in the place we were before the resignation last year. In fact, we have slowly been getting behind.

This year we have been in the process of launching a church once again in the midst of all of this. This time we are doing things differently. I really want to be in a place financially to be able to focus and not struggle during this plant.

My intention here with this post is not to tell you my oh so sad soppy story. My intention is to get off the island. If you are a friend and/or loyal reader of my blog here, I would like to ask you to be in prayer for us financially. This week we have had a rough week. I'm believing to pay off some debts to position us financially for what God wants to do here.

We also have a tremendous opportunity presented to us that could be huge for the church we are dreaming of launching. I want to be clear in knowing God's will. I have been praying and meditating on it for about a month and after a meeting last night I feel it is the direction for us to take.
So two prayer needs: 1) Financial needs to be met, and 2) Security in knowing God's will in an opportunity for our church.


littlepastor said...

West Texas prayers heading heavenward!


I'm praying for victory in these areas for you.

Jason Curlee said...

Thanks JD and David....much appreciated.

jason said...

you got it bro.

Rindy Walton said...

Just put you on my prayer list...

Jason Curlee said...

Rindy and Jason...Big thanks going out to each of you.

youthpastoradam said...

i'm here for you man!

deneenwhite said...

Hi! I am praying for you. Your blog has been of great encouragement to me, and I can only imagine the impact that you are going to have on the great state of Texas!