Monday, March 03, 2008

The Capacity Of A Leader 2

Matthew 25 has a great story of stewardship. Of course we see it as an illustration of three people taking care of what God has given them. I think it is a prime example of how we should work to better the leadership God has given us.

Each of us has a capacity to lead. In part 1 we talked about how the size of our ministry is determined by the capacity of our leadership. I believe it is possible to increase that capacity. Not only that but I believe it is our God given responsibility to do so. Maybe you could call it the stewardship of leadership...not sure about that.

As we see in Matthew 25:14-30, each of the servants is entrusted with the Masters property, "each according to his ability".

Here is where I want to break and show you what God is showing me through this. I'm not going to go into what happened. Most of us know the story and/or can read it. What I do want to zero in on is the "ability" part.

Now we could go into who gave them the ability. We could go into a lot of things on this. This is what I do know through experience in my life and in how I see God working.

When I was born, I believe I was given athletic ability as well as a certain level of intelligence. When I got to junior high/high school I began to work hard to develop and not develop those abilities.

In athletics I worked hard and was able to take that ability He gave me and go on to play football in college. To me...I doubled that talent.

As far as intelligence goes I graduated in the top 10% of my class. Only problem is that I never worked hard. I skated by in High School. In fact, you could say that really I was an average student that got by with the intelligence God gave me. I was able to get into college and academically I did horrible. In fact I graduated as a "C" student. To me...I wasted that talent.

God has entrusted us with His church and with the purpose of making disciples. We can either sit on that talent or we can increase our capacity to lead. The choice really is ours. What I have chosen to do is better myself in various areas so that I might be better organized to lead the church God has given me.

What are you doing with what God has entrusted you?

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Anonymous said...

Good post.
In my opinion i see the ability as being faith. And the talents being gifts of the spirit. Our ability increases as we mature in spirit. And as our faith increases so do our talents all for the purpose of building up the body of christ.
I think our natural talents only apply in our natural world and do not reflect in the kingdom of god.

Jason Curlee said...

that's a great take on it....and that Scripture can be applied that way.

The great thing about Scripture is that it does apply to our natural world as well as our spiritual world.