Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bracket Challenge Day 3

Quick Update here...Day 3 is over.

Dave Samples is still on the top and all by himself.

Click here to see up-to-date group standings throughout the tournament.

Here are the top twelve of the twenty-one involved after day three.

We have 1 alone in first, 3 tied for second, 2 tied at fifth, 3 at seventh and 3 in tenth.

1 Dave Samples
2 Tarheel Blue
2 Kentucky rulez!
2 littlepastor
5 TheAbercrombie
5 Jay Curl
7 Terrace Crawford
7 randy's picks
7 Wanna Bee
10 get a LIFE
10 McKee's March Madness
10 Rob's Picks

Check out how I'm doing in all my brackets [HERE]

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