Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Size Of Impact

I think we need to stop looking so much at the size of our church and start looking at the size of our impact.

Focus on how many people your church is reaching in proportion to the size or your city/county.

I think the pastor of a growing church of 200 in a county of 10,000 (2%) is doing a greater job of impacting their community than a stalled church of 2,000 in a county of 300,000 (.6%). The pastor of the 200 is the one I want to talk to.

Food for thought. What do you think???


Gina McClain said...

I see your point. I wonder where economy of scale fits into the discussion. Either way, I recently heard Francis Chan talking about what his church would look like if Jesus were alive today. Jesus' church wouldn't be a 'mega-church' b/c He holds people to a higher standard than most churches do. Size of Impact is certainly something we should focus on more.

Jason Curlee said...

Economy of scale should be brought in...I agree.

Thing I think that makes Life Church and CCC so successful in reaching more is adding the sites.

I still feel even though I was taught that people will drive 30 to 40 minutes to church...the proportion will drop based on distance.

I do often wonder how big would Jesus church be...remember he spoke to thousands but only 120 made it through His death/resurrection.

Do you think there were a bunch of superficials then as well???