Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Know Where You Are Going

Many years ago I was taking our basketball team to the state tournament in Galveston. Since I had been there two years in a row I was pretty confident that I knew how to get there. Only problem was this time I was going at night and I didn't double check my directions. Needless to say I missed my turn and about 10 miles out of the way I knew I was lost.

As a leader of a church, business, family head or even as an individual I believe that it is important to KNOW WHERE YOU ARE GOING.

One of the things I've been guilty of is allowing life to take me where it wants me to go. I've allowed others to put me in that proverbial box. They have made the choices for me based on their needs and desires. This is all great and fine until you realize you have gone down a path that didn't take you to your ultimate destination.

I want to challenge you early on that you need to begin to start shaping the journey to your destination. I believe this is possible even if you work for someone else. When you you begin shaping your destination it is easier to motivate yourself, your team and even your organization to move toward where it needs to go.

You can know where you are going by:
  1. Create a Map - One thing you can do is design a road trip map to your future. Just today I read the vision for CityLife Church in Australia. It was a great example of an organization that has mapped out specifically the direction they are going. Know your life purpose and chart your course.
  2. Set Up Mini-Stops - These would be quantified goals that strategically let you know you are on track to your future.
  3. Refuel Along The Way - Sometimes trips can be taxing. It is important to remember that part of the fun of reaching a destination is the journey along the way. Make sure you and your organization recharge and have fun.
Where are you on a journey to?

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