Monday, December 17, 2007

Advice To Youth Pastors From A Former Youth Pastor

Alright, it's time to flip this post. This post is to all the youth pastors and youth workers in the audience.

It's always cool to give some advice to people you formally worked for, but now it is time to give some advice to former peers. As a youth pastor I took my calling seriously. My vision was the vision the Lord gave the church: Go and make disciples.

We worked hard on making our ministries a place where teens would want to bring their friends in mass. We tripled our youth ministry in one year twice at two different churches. We also have some teens that have gone into ministry.

I decided that I should give you a little advice as well. Don't be hatin', I walked in your shoes so oblige me.
  1. Do Your Job With Pride
  2. Support Your Pastor
  3. Show Up On Time
  4. Your Not A Teen Anymore Act Like It
  5. Plan, Plan, Plan
  6. Stay Cutting Edge
  7. You Don't Have To Fart To Make A Point
  8. Be An Example To Your Teens
  9. Learn To Communicate With Excellence
  10. You Don't Have To Play Games To Reach Them
  11. Prepare For The Next Level Now
  12. Speak Their Language...But Not Their Slang
  13. Show Them How Much You Care Not How Much You Know
  14. Spend Time With Your Family If You Have One
  15. You Are More Than A Baby-sitter
  16. You Can't Do It By Yourself, Recruit
  17. Treat You Position With Respect
  18. Pour Into The Lives Of Your Leaders First
  19. Replace Yourself
  20. Give Your Teens Ownership Of The Ministry
  21. Transition From Group Mentality To Ministry Mentality
  22. Their Are Lots Of Teens Not Going To Heaven....REACH THEM
  23. You Don't Have To Say "Crap" To Reach Them
  24. Our Purpose - Make Disciples
  25. Work On Your Systems Or They Will Work You
  26. Ultimately The Teens Are Your Pastors Not Yours
  27. You Are There To Partner With Parents
  28. Raise Your Teens To Be Leaders
  29. Don't Preach Down To Teens Preach Up
  30. Don't Make It All About You
  31. Don't Be Fooled If It Falls Apart When You Leave It's Not Always Your Fault
  32. Call And Meet Other Youth Pastors In Your Area
  33. Be Real That Can Spot A Fake A Mile Away
  34. Empower Your Leaders To Lead
  35. Protect Your Pastor
  36. Build Teams To Do More
  37. It Takes Three To Five Years To See Fruit From Your Work
  38. Cast Vision
  39. Sometimes You Must Fight For Your Families Time
  40. Did I Already Say - ACT YOUR AGE
  41. Don't Be Afraid To Share Your Stage With You Leaders
  42. Your Vision Is The Same As The Vision Of Your Church
  43. Don't Make Your Ministry A Silo
  44. Work Hard But Work Smart
  45. Work Like It's All You, Pray Like It's All God
Nutshell: Youth Ministry is a calling...treat it as such. You don't have to act like a teen to reach them...but you do need to reach them where they are. Build a team so you can be more productive. Create systems that will make your ministry more effective. Spend more time with your family if you have one...lose them and it doesn't matter how many teens you have reached. Show up on time...but more into it when you are there than you think you can. Plan your ministry and work your plan. Pray hard. Lean on God.


Adam Reed said...

thanks for the post! from someone who is still in youth ministry after 8 years i fully agree with your list.

Doug Fields once said, "If you are over the age of 24 you are no longer cool. So, stop trying to be."

I have not been cool for 6 almost 7 years now, and happy to be this way! said...


Anonymous said...

Jill - Sorry it's not the right Adam. Hope you can find who you're looking for.