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The Birthday Blog-Secrets To Healthy Aging

Today's guest post is by Randy Reed. Randy is the Lead Pastor of LifePointe Church in Coralville, Iowa. Lifepointe had it's first meeting in September of '07 and has quickly grown as a new and radical church in their area. As well as being a personal friend of mine for many years Randy writes some creative posts at his blog The Confession Stand.

Today is November 7th, 2007. Today is my Birthday! Today I just turned 40 something. The rest of the something really is none of your business or anyone else’s. I have a young wife that keeps reminding about that "something" part all the time. In addition she watches daily my financial assets wrapped up in a hefty life insurance plan that looks extremely good on paper. I am just glad that she believes the longer I stay alive the better my antique value soars. I pray her way of thinking continues as long as it can. I am relieved she is yet to prance around our house singing the here today gone tomorrow song with meaning and enthusiasm.

So let's just get one thing straight--I am old--no let me rephrase that--I am older than my wife and a few other people that I know, like my 3 year old and five year old sons, Joshua and Deaven. Outside of that I am not older than dirt and I don't need a Kirby vacuum cleaner to prove my manhood--as in needing help to blow out my candles. And those of you that are out there in Cyber-space who know where I live and who know my real age--well--keep your big mouths shut. No I really mean it. My wife and a few friends have already hurt my feelings enough today.
So here are a few secrets to healthy aging--

1. Keep reminding yourself that there is always somebody else in front of you in the ARP line. Someone already beat you to the senior discounts! So take your time in getting there.

2. If you never grow up (get older) you never know what it will be like to get rid of diapers--of course for some of you I know what you may be thinking--THAT DEPENDS!

3. You get to smirk at those younger than you since you have already obtained knowledge of what is around the corner--things like Preparation H, Rogaine, Geritol, and Meals on Wheels, and Bingo night at the old folk’s home. Never tell someone younger than you what to expect. When they finally experience this stuff--then sit in your rockin’ chair and laugh your head off.

4. Aging is priceless--wrinkle crème companies pay older folk 2 cents on the dollar to become lavatory guinea pigs. Don't bend over for those pennies on the ground--have companies hand them to you. Saves the ole back by the way!

5. During retirement--the option to become a bag boy/girl or smiling greeter at Wal-Mart is always available for consideration. If you can't read or fill out the application on your own--take a younger friend with you who can. No one will ever know the difference except you.

So there you have it. My secrets to healthy aging.

I would have shared a few more but I just can't seem to remember any.......
Oh and if you are planning to be a difference maker in this life, in your world, on your job, in your church, and in "your" ministry. I have some old timers’ news for you. I don't care how good you think you are doing things in the name of God-- now or in the future--none of it will matter if you end up selling your soul in losing your health, your mind or your family. The priorities of a difference maker begin at home and they stay at home. If you think you are growing things for God and the growth of your marriage is stunted shame on you. If you find yourself making a difference in the lives of other families and in the lives of other kids and not your own. Shame on you! Difference making should be home spun and home done. There are no excuses otherwise!

I have seen too many, too often, pour too much, into someone else’s world, life, and projects. There are way too many difference makers riding off into the sunset and arriving back home with nothing left to give. And of course this is called godly and necessary--and servant hood. Tell that one to God on judgment day. The difference maker who does not take care of his loved ones becomes worse than an infidel. I read that somewhere in the difference makers handbook--or was it the difference makers Bible. I told you my memory has been slipping gears lately.

I may be getting old--I mean older, but there is one thing I have learned while spending frivolous time on the Christian merry-go-round of being a difference maker. I have gotten off the merry-go-round and have no plans to get back on it. The greatest difference I can be making begins at home and stays at home the majority of the time. I refuse to raise someone else’s kids. I refuse to be married to someone else’s wife. I refuse to spend more time with the guys and forget the girl. I refuse to listen to someone else’s problems more than listening to the voices where I live.
I refuse to give and give and give. I refuse to be a difference maker--unless my difference making begins and ends at home.

Do I sound like a cranky old man? I promise you that I'm not. They say the older we get the wiser we should get. So if you want some wise advice--as a difference maker--spends more time making a difference in the lives of those close to you. Save the leftovers for someone else!

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