Saturday, October 20, 2007

One Year Of Stats

Today marks one year I feel I have been seriously blogging. It was when I decided to post more seriously and it is when I began tracking my blog stats with Google Analytics.

After one year I have to say that I am presently pleased. Here are a couple of stats from the year:

6,675 Visits
10,191 Page Views
3,484 Visitors

Viewed in 63 Countries
Top three: 1) USA, 2) Canada, 3) United Kingdom

Viewed in 49 States plus DC (missing Alaska if you know anyone there)
Top three: 1) Texas, 2) California, 3) Nebraska

Top four posts:

1) Evolution For Dance
2) Drinking On Stage
3) Elevate Podcast 2 (sorry...the audio is no longer there)
4) Clothe The Naked

Top Three Blogger Sites That Sent Hits My Way: (there were others like goolgle, blogger, technorati, etc...but these are sites of other bloggers)

1) Serial Youth Pastor
3) Everyone Else But Joel

Some of my favorite keyword searches that lead people here:

"my wife excites me"
5-2 blitz package
corpus christi cancer blog
seven reasons why jesus could not have been a pastor in many churches
salt flavor children's moment
pastor caught cheating
blogs bashing newspring (definitely not this one)
most pastors i know do not have satisfying, free, sexual conversations and liberties
how much do schwann drivers make

Who are you???

62% use Internet Explorer, 82% use Windows, 55% use 1024x768 as your screen resolution, around 30% of you use DSL

ALSO...most live within 15 minutes of your job, have a fence, and drive a _____ nah just kidding...I don't know that much info.

Thanks a lot to all you who read...and send traffic my way...much love.

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