Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Self Sabotage

So this thought of sabotage has been on my mind as I have was writing last week on having a Destiny Mind-set. I have been scouring my mind and viewing the past several years in an effort to figure out how we have come to our current situation.

Don't know if I've got it all figured out just yet. I do want to add that I don't put the full blame on others. I can think of three specific situations that I now have the choice of allowing to form a mind-set. These are three very specific situations that deal with church leaders and their actions.

The last two are really challenging a fundamental belief I have in trust. I really believe that trust is a foundation of relationships. I have often heard, "don't put your trust in man...put your trust in God." Well that is true to a degree expect for the fact that healthy relationships are built on trust. I don't want to allow that to come in and mar me and sabotage any future relationships.

This will keep me from achieving what it is that God has called me too as there will always be a hesitation or even a deep seeding thinking that if I allow myself to get too close I will only get hurt as I did by these two people.

This is probably one of the challenges we must go through and why God challenges us to walk in forgiveness.

Tomorrow, I'm going to try and post on how I feel I self-sabotaged myself and allowed these two major events to happen.

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