Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday Remix

Thoughts from Week 9.
  • Hard to believe that around 7 or 8 years ago I stood on a platform in Church and told God that I never wanted to be a Sr. Pastor...and now here we are in Journey Church as one of the Sr. Leadership Pastors.
  • There is so much in the message this morning. Making Disciples is a huge subject. Speaking on it this morning was only the tip of the iceberg.
  • My buddy Randy knocked it out of the park this morning as they kicked off their first ever church service of LifePointe...100 people...19 kids...20 decisions for Christ....Way 2 Go Bro!!!
  • This morning I felt good during the message but felt a little bogged down in the middle.
  • We were missing key people this morning due to sickness...even in all that we set up faster than ever.
  • Really feel momentum each week and that God is preparing us for what He wants to do.
  • We are so close to securing a site for our Student Ministry in the Calallen/Tuloso-Midway Area. I know most of you have no clue where that is. Anyway pray for us. To pull it off we are going to need a youth leader. I'm a great stand-in for now but for it to be successful it needs a strong leader.
  • I feel we have to get sharper in our systems as they are going to be key to God using us in a great way. I know a lot of churches that don't get that point.
  • Music set was great this morning. I love The Stand by Hillsong United.
  • Pumped for next week...we are doing a message called "I Am The Way". It's going to be a pure gospel message. Pray for God to draw in the lost and Journey Church to reach 'em.
  • Heroes Season 2 tomorrow...I'm so ready.

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