Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sunday Remix

7th Sunday is done...Here are my thoughts on the day.
  • So far our average is staying even. We had 44 in attendance. And every week we get a little smoother.
  • Today, we had live music. We still need musicians if you know anyone out there.
  • The message I had for our Journey Kids was right on this morning. I talked about sin and how serious Jesus takes it. It went great. I had one kid choose to follow Christ today.
  • Great testimony brought back to us this week after I prayed for one of our partners last week. I hope to get her to type out and I can share it with everyone.
  • I am so pumped to preach in two weeks. I'll be going two weeks in a row. One of them I will be giving a clear presentation of the gospel.

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