Monday, September 24, 2007

Public vs. Christian School Part 2

Last week I started a discussion on Public vs. Christian School. You can catch up by clicking here.

First off I can honestly say that this is a hot topic. So hot I might add that to be honest I am going to tread real carefully with my posts. My intention was to have posted it all last week but I'm just getting back into it.

Remember, I have been on all sides of this topic. And to be honest I can see and understand the points from both sides. At the time of writing this all three of my daughters are enrolled in public schools, ages 7, 11, and 14. So where do I start.

Don't know if I can cover it all here but let's start with the Christian School point:

The true purpose of Christian Schools should be to partner with parents who want their children to have a biblically based education.

Being involved in Christian Education as a teacher and assistant principal I can honestly say that the educational side is sound. That it, in the right environment, does prepare our children with a sound education that can help them succeed in college. I have seen the students succeed as well as the test scores.

To be honest though Christian Schools are not a place where we can hide our Children from the "worldly influences". Except within a super strict controlled environment, there are children who are not followers of Christ who attend these schools.

I have seen many parents who are not followers of Christ place their children in these environments to escape much of the influences of the social side of public school.

Here is my opinion:

I honestly feel Christian Schools have a place in helping me raise my children with the right Godly influence. Although I do feel that it is the parents role to be the guiding force, I also realize we don't live in a perfect world anymore. With many families now having much busier schedules than normal Christian School can be a perfect environment to raise your children not only in their early formative years but also in their teen years.

I have seen that our oldest and middle daughter to have a stable start that has helped them transition into public school and has allowed them to not be as influenced and be a witness.

In my next post I'm going to try and tackle the public side but would love to hear some thoughts from you guys and gals out there. I really want to hear your perspective as we dig into this so leave a comment.

Remember I've only tackled one side but would love to hear some other points on the pluses of Christian School.

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