Tuesday, September 25, 2007

God's Will

There are times where I feel really anxious about being in God's will. I think it comes from this sincere desire to be and do what He wants.

In launching Journey Church I have seen that it isn't just going to be easy. Part of me likes that...and part of me doesn't.

Through sports though I have realized that things that are truly worth it come at a price. Some of the people that start the journey with us won't end with us. Some don't have the fortitude. Some will feel it is just too hard. Some God has not destined to be with us. Who knows all the reasons.

I do know this...where we have started is not where we will finish. God has great plans for Journey Church and it is going to be like an investment in a new company.

On the front end you might not see the return. It might not even come quickly. But as you continue to work and pray and make it become the exact thing God wants it too be...that invest will come back in great reward.

There are many out there who are watching and waiting...some waiting to see if we are going to fail. Others are waiting until we get everything just right and then they will jump in.

If you are with us at the beginning, know that God will reward your faithfulness.

If you are here at Journey Church now...remain diligent and pray...the best is only yet to come.

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Dawn Givan said...

There are anxious days...but Jeremiah 29:11 says God has a plan and purpose to prosper, give hope and a future. I don't have all the answers but God does. Truly the best is yet to come and we can say we were obedient and faithful in the midst of it all.