Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Writers Block

Feels like writers block tonight...or maybe it's just a lot of mental distractions. That's a better word than A.D.D.

I've spent the better half of this week focusing on our internet presence. Met a great guy today out of the blue online.

God has unique ways of connecting people that goes beyond how we think it can happen. People come from all walks of life and are made up of various personalities.

I used to have this guy as a boss who always said we needed to call to make a personal connection by calling. For some people, especially in today's world, you can make a connection in various ways and they are just as personal.

For me, send me a email or a myspace and I'm cool with that. In fact I like that so much more than a phone call. For others it may mean calling them. It all comes down to understanding that God is so much bigger and can work in so many more ways than we think (even online).

I met one of my latest friends online in a virtual world church. And to this day we have never talked verbally, only online through instant messaging.

Never under estimate how you can reach people today.

And if there are any churches out there who would like to get more into online social networking I could help you get started. (Was that a shameless plug?) Nah...just want to be a help to anyone out there.

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