Saturday, August 18, 2007

To Kids???

Well tomorrow I get to speak in Journey Kids. As we are pre-launching here, we are doing some double and triple duties. Each week Dean and I are switching out from our adult experience to our kids experience.

It is fun and challenging. We are doing the same message theme for each one and are just changing it up a little to reach the age group we are speaking to.

All of this while we continue to build our launch team in expectation of our October Launch.

The way we are doing it is going to be a key to how we do it in the future as well. We hope to integrate our messages throughout the whole Journey experience. This will be a way the whole family is able to process the message each week together.

There may be some series with a very adult message that won't carry down but overall we will strive to implement our message throughout every age group.

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