Friday, August 31, 2007

Sunday Morning Planning Part 5

For the last week I have been going through a system of how I approach Sunday Morning Planning. I have used system this whole year in youth ministry and it has really allowed me to focus my thinking as well as allow the Holy Spirit to work through me.

If you need to get caught up check out Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

Today I want to close up this series.

Four weeks out I want to set down with our creative team and go through a message outline. This is a first run at the message where we look at ideas for every portion of the message. Everyone throws out ideas for video, illustrations, stories, bible scripture related to the big idea. Main thing is to ask three questions in relation to the results of hearing the message:
  • How do we want people to think differently?
  • How do we want people to feel differently?
  • How do we want people to act differently?

On the week leading up to the day of the message presentation, I would sit down and type out using the draft what I feel God is speaking on this message. I would hammer out all illustrations and stories as well as the biblical line of thinking. The day before I will usually go over it as well as that morning. This is an area I want to fine tune more for myself.

Since Journey Church is so new there are many systems we want to have in place and Sunday Morning Planning is a system we need to iron out.

If we can get to this type of planning it would allow for a greater synergy with all teams involved. Imagine handing a first draft to a drama team four weeks out so they could create and work on a drama geared specifically for the message. The worship team could really seek God on some specific songs that relate with the message. What about other creative elements? This could allow a greater synergy for the Holy Spirit to move through all the teams.

I may post once more on this as to some hindrances to this type of planning.

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