Friday, August 24, 2007

Sunday Morning Planning Part 2

Yesterday I talked about the need for having a balanced approach to Sunday Morning Planning. We talked specifically about having no planning and how ridiculous that would be.

I really don't know anyone that does no planning at all. What I do know is that almost everyone does some type of planning.

But can there be too much planning.

This is a hard one for me because it is so much part of my personality. Tomorrow I will talk about how it all works in my head.

The thought for some out there is that we plan so much that we don't allow God to even have His way. If God is "moving" and at 11:28 it says on our schedule to go to the next element then we can grieve the Holy Spirit at that moment by not allowing "Him" to have "His" way.

Or maybe God has a unique thing He wants to say that morning but because the pastor has his message all typed out it doesn't allow God into the message.

I could go on and on in this vein and to a degree there could be some truth in there. But then again maybe it's all God anyway.

Much of this is just a matter of perspective. Be on the lookout in a future post on Part 3 which I will present my approach and what works for me and could work for anyone.

If you didn't read it check out Part 1 of Sunday Morning Planning.

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