Thursday, August 30, 2007

Random Late Night Thoughts

It's about 12:30 a.m. and I'm wide awake. Actually listening to his frog croak right outside our back window. Had a lot of random thoughts from the day and thought I'd get them out:
  • Faith - Sometimes it's the hardest thing there is when you can't see or touch it. I hate living in uncertainty. God has never let us down and He won't this week.
  • Journey Student Connect Group - Off the hook tonight. 15 people in attendance. Oh yeah.
  • Connect Group Launch - We had over 50% of our Sunday Morning total attendance in Connect Groups tonight. Problem rained like crazy today which probably hurt our numbers. Way to go Journey Church.
  • Rain - It rained way to much today...and it's supposed to do it again tomorrow...and the day after that. Come on up!
  • Love Your Enemies - Man am I having to fight through preaching this message this week. What you think Pastors are immune to this stuff. Yeah right. I probably will commit a whole blog to this one.
  • More Rain - Did I mention it rained today? More like torrential down-pours.
  • Journey Kid's Directors - Hope to be blogging about our Journey Kid's Directors next week. I'm so pumped for Journey Kid's. I get to rock the mic there this Sunday.
  • More, More Rain - Next time I'm gonna video what real rain looks like for Carlos...he didn't even need an umbrella.
  • Journey Church - I feel this deep sense of excitement for Journey Church. What God is about to do and is going to do through this church is gonna be so cool. It is so awesome to be on the ground floor of a movement that is going to shake up this area. But we must be ready. Our body must be ready. Systems must be in place. Leaders and volunteers must be in place if we are to take full advantage of what the Spirit is gonna do. It's like we are on the verge of something great. Something that is rarely heard of. I know that sounds kind of presumptuous to say...kind of like yeah that's what your supposed to say. I really feel like this is what God has worked on for many long years. This is why He has taken our team through the trails of our life. He has prepared and shaped our families for such a time as this. Though circumstances shaped the birth...God has ordained the steps and is ready, aimed and prepared to fire a shot that will be heard around this area. Get ready leaders of Journey Church. Get ready partners of Journey Church.

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