Thursday, August 30, 2007

Posting Update

Got two posts locked and loaded for one more that is forming. Will continue my Sunday morning planning but with all my posts last night I didn't want to get too much stuff out there today.

Tomorrow be on the lookout for the conclusion of that, (I think).

Also I got one humorous...and another shocking video I took today. Had to do some editing for this one. If you know how to get to my youtube (***hint=it's in my links on this blog) you can find my latest video; but I will have it posted up tomorrow here on the blog.

There is a reason I try to carry that camera around. I was going to do a video reply to Los' rain dilemma...we have had rain here (two water spots formed in the bay today) for three days with about 5 more days to come...that's what it's like living on the East and Third coast Los'. But instead I got a very interesting "flash" of inspiration.

Also made a sweet blogging connection today that I hope to post about in the next few days as I get caught up.

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