Monday, August 20, 2007

My Reasons Part 3

My discussion as of late has been on why I do what I do.

I have given a couple of reasons so far and today I will give you my third and final reason.

The reason why I pastor is that there are many people out in this world that are spiritually separated from God. There is this passion in me that we want to create a church that makes it hard for people to go to hell in our area. And not only in our area but in our world.

One of the statements that people have been saying to us lately is this sort of what we feel is a spiritually humble thing to say. Well if God only sends us a few lets be just be faithful. Whether it's 5 or 500...

I'm tired of hearing that.

Now let me preface this by saying that "YES, I'M ABOUT THE NUMBERS". And Journey Church should be about the numbers as well.

Last time I looked at the statistics well under 50% of the people in our area do not attend church. I would be really surprised if around 30% are in true Bible-based churces.

Here in Corpus there is one very large church called Bayarea that runs around 5,000 to 6,000 people. Now if my numbers are right that is only 2% of the county population.

That is why I really believe that over 70% of the people in our county and area need churches that are about the numbers.


I am so tired of this false humility in the church. "If" our churches are fulfilling the mission Jesus has given the church of going and making disciples then numbers should be a by-product of fulfilling that mission.

And I really mean BY-PRODUCT. Our vision isn't on building a mega church. Our vision is on helping people connect to God, live the journey, and impact the world.

If we are doing that on a daily basis then guess what the by-product will be???


Folks let's get this right. Let's get off this super spiritual humble high horse that is only false humility and realize that there is a lost and dying world and God has called us to reach them.

I do it because it's in me.

What's In You? What are your reasons? I want to hear from you leave me a comment.

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Dawn Givan said...

I agree it IS about the numbers, If no one ever tells them about God they never have the opportunity to Connect and have a relationship with Him. Church should not be about how many we can get to our church doorstep, but how many we can reach where they are. When we reach the numbers where they are with the truth of God (because after all the truth is the only thing that will set them free)the by-product will be those lives in the door of our churches. People love coming HOME!