Friday, August 10, 2007

Be Ready

I am so pumped about this Sunday. It is so awesome to finally get to let God work through us the way He wants to.

After 14 years of ministry and working for other people and their wants and desires...we finally get to do ministry how God has laid it on our hearts. Journey Church is the most awesome church I have been part of.

For 14 years we have laid down our lives to allow others to achieve their dreams, all the while letting God birth this movement. It is finally great to let God be God now. I really value the lessons learned from some of the churches I have been at. First Assembly allowed me to grow and be the man of God and pastor God wanted me to be. Faith Family Church sharpened me like no other. I really love and appreciate those two men God put across my path.

It is through them that part of this movement has been birthed...through the sacrifice and diligence they have served.

And now the dream is beginning...Journey Church is launched and there is no going back. It is all God now. Be ready and be prepared for God to show up and show off in the Coastal Bend area.

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