Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Be A Pacesetter

On the Journey Inside, which is a behind the scenes/leadership development blog for Journey Church, I have begun a six part series on our staff/leader culture. This is going to be one part that will be vital for the long range success of our teams.

Today, I started with the first leadership law for our culture which is being a PACESETTER.

If you feel you are going to be a key part of what we are doing here at Journey Church or want to further develop your team or self I encourage you to go over and read and begin to implement some of the thoughts and principles you feel fit you.

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Sensei Tommy Lee said...

Hey Pastor Jay,
I wish you a blessed future, and in life.Well I have come to a cross road and it seems the best thing to do say may fair wells. It was good while it lasted and I was encouraged through out are time together.Keep up the work and I hope you can understand my loyalties. In Jesus Name+++