Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Silence Please

Just a couple of thoughts and I am going silent until May 1st.

* Nothing more important than family. Friends may come and go but family is forever.

* Our ministry is absolutely rockin'. And it's all because of a great team and great teens who are bringing their friends.

* Heroes rocked. I'm hooked. Not that I already wasn't.

* My wife is the most awesome and supportive person in the whole world. Love her beyond description.

* Great email conversation with Marko this weekend. We may not see eye to eye on some things but I have really appreciated his ability to work through issues and his continual challenge of me to keep a balanced perspective. Through this conversation it has me reflecting on the direction I will be blogging in the future. This post also had me reflecting as well on what my purpose in blogging should be.

I don't know if when I come back on May 1st it will be a vengeance. I hope I will return different. After blogging now for over a year it is now time to focus in on what and who I am in the blogosphere. My hope is that through this blog I can be 1) an inspiration, 2) informative, and 3) can help and serve others in a greater way.

Will that be the same when I return. That will only be answered at a future date. Until then........

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