Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Peek Into My Weak

Recap of the last week. As an insight into my world, besides my normal work day. These were just in the evenings.

Starting last Tuesday...

Tuesday - Elevate Worship Team Practice
Wednesday - Elevate Meeting
Thursday - Off
Friday - Young Adult Worship Team Practice
Saturday - Elevation Rally
Sunday - Young Adults "The Gathering"
Monday - Off
Tuesday - Teen Challenge Chapel
Wednesday - Elevate Meeting

That's right...two nights off in nine days.

BTW...I took our Elevate Worship Traveling Team to the Teen Challenge Chapel. It was awesome. We did the chapel (message and worship). Our team knocked it out of the park. There were over 70 in the chapel and they responded awesomely to the worship and the message.

Over 20 came up for salvation or recommitment.

It was slammin'.

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