Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Misfortunes of the Media

Lot of heat is being directed at the media over the VA Tech tragedy.

Should NBC have shown it should they have not? Apparently and this should be to no ones surprise, they are only thinking about ratings. Duh... Let's release first and look like the major news player.

Come on freakin' lame are you.

I know, I know...I can hear you. Someone was going to release it eventually anyway so let's be the first. Does anyone agree that these networks are now probably as much a part of the cause as anything?

They are now, for the sake of numbers and ratings, glorifying mass killers, showing every idiot out there that they can do the same and be immortalized as well.

I understand that it is their role to report the news. But come on.

Hey don't think any of the other networks are off the hook on this.

I watched one local news program where they interviewed students at a college about the incident and how safe they felt. Only to remark at the end of the segment how that college had no plans to make the college more secure.

HELLO...are you just flat out stupid??? Why not go ahead and mail a gun to every idiot mass killer in the country? You might as well had.

That same local news program today blasted NBC for airing the footage of the killer only to proceed to play it themselves while talking about it.

So apparently CBS isn't as smart as NBC.

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