Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Out For A Stroll and Look Who I Met

So last night I decide to take a stroll just to get some creative inspiration. As I'm walking along I run into this guy named Terry Storch. He wrote this little book called "The Blogging Church".

Then I met this guy named Tom from Oklahoma who just happened to be originally from Victoria, TX, which is the area I'm originally from. I found out that I worked with his sister at Faith Academy where I was the Athletic Director/Assistant Principal for five years.

While talking with him I run into Andrew Statezny, the CP at HNV as he put it. He was the Campus Pastor for in Hendersonville, Tennessee. Also met his worship leader Brandon.

Couple of others I talked to were Jason Cole, and Jeff Click. Go check out their sites.

I also met this cool youth leader from Nebraska who I thought I put his blog in my Google Reader but can't find him. So I will give him some props in future posts. (Jermane, if your out there reading this look for it in the future.)

How in the world did you meet those people just out on a walk? Were you at a conference? No. I was at new campus in Second Life. Second life is an online community where you create an avatar and take part in an online community. I had heard of SL but never gave it much thought until decided to build a campus in there. Have to say I am much impressed. Especially after visiting some of the other churches there. Those guys did a fantastic job putting it together. MUCH PROPS to Bobby and Craig.


Tyler said...

Hey Jay,
This is Tyler aka Jermane Shepherd on Second Life. It was awesome to talk to you last night. My blog is, thanks for stopping by and seeing my new baby. I am new to the blogging game, and we'll have to see how it goes, but as of now I'm addicted.

Terry Storch said...

Jason, it was great to connect with you in Second Life!

Have a great week....

Jason said...

I'm glad we had a chance to meet Jason. I really hope to catch up with you more. Perhaps we can worship together there someday soon.