Monday, March 19, 2007

Number 300 or Innovation or Criticism

There was so much anticipation in this post for a while. It is number 300.


I think I built it up so much that I wasn't sure where to go.

I thought about criticism, especially from Christians that ain't got anything better to do. These are the people that sit back and criticize large churches who are reaching people while they themselves are doing nothing.

Come on folks...GET A LIFE!!! If you would spend more time with your church reaching out rather than reading and bashing my boys who are reaching people maybe we as the "Church" would actually reach the world. But that's ok, seeing you got so much spine sitting there reading and posting when you wouldn't even have the guts to say something to these churches in person.

I thought about writing about innovation and churches. In today's world the church has got to be more innovative. But it's not. Don't get me wrong there are some very innovative churches. is one. Newspring is one. Granger is one. Oh wait a minute. These are the same churches that receive criticism.

So does being innovative and criticism go hand in hand. Apparently when you are in church it does. We celebrate innovation in a secular world but when a church is innovative all the sudden it gets criticized. But not by a secular world. By the church.

So where does this post go. Number 300, a great milestone in my blogging. Innovation and criticism, I don't know that might get me in trouble with the right wing church blog brigade.

So I guess I will just stay neutral and celebrate another great day.

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