Thursday, March 22, 2007

No More Technorati

So Steven Furtick Pastor of Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, has shrugged off Technorati. I haven't even shrugged it on and what's a brother to do.

Apparently since putting it down he became the number one search on the website. As of the time of this posting he is number 2. He even blew Paris Hilton (she wasn't even in the top ten) out the water. Isn't that just crazy? He can't even go and look at it. Cause that would be just wrong.

Technorati according to Wikipedia is an Internet search engine for searching blogs. As of December 2006, Technorati indexes over 55 million weblogs. The name Technorati is a portmanteau, pointing to the technological version of literati or intellectuals.

My rank on Technorati is 79,235. I have a long way to go.

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