Sunday, March 25, 2007

Is The Problem Christian Radio

I hardly ever listen to Christian radio. In fact I don't really like it all that much. Actually I just wonder if Christian music is adding to or helping the problem of reaching teens or not. (I do only listen to Christian music if you were thinking that.)

Here's the deal. We have two radio stations here where I am and mostly all the time their programming is not programming that reaches teens. Don't get me wrong they play most of the top Christian music so it's not that they are horrible.

Now who's fault is that? The radio stations? Teenagers? The listeners?
Let me break it down:

For today's teens to be reached we are going to have to take a different approach. Right now the church is presenting a view that is not relevant. My pastor and I were just talking about that this morning.

I really think Christian radio as it is presented is unappealing to teens and out of touch. But I understand that since they (teens) don't give the money to it.

Maybe teens should break down and give some of that hard earned (or given) spending money. But wait a minute...what unchurched teen is going to do that?

Maybe if the radio stations would change their programming it would be more appealing to unchurched teens. But wait a minute...if they did that what would all those adults listen too? So they throw on a little segment on Saturday nights when it is probably the least listened to segment of time by adults.

So then it comes down to the listeners. If we want to keep presenting a message that is out of touch with today's unchurched world then by all means keep giving your money into the current system. I mean it's all about us anyway, right?

If we are going to reach the lost then we must by all means begin to change our methods. They aren't working. Today's generation is not being reached in mass despite what some president of a large youth church organization thinks. And the times are changing. We must change with them.

I don't know the mission of these radio stations so I can't judge them. Maybe their purpose is not to reach but to simply give Christians an option of music. I do know that teens aren't going to turn over to these stations and listen. The majority of church teens I know don't even do that. (Thank God for ipods.) And why should they? It's not a style of music that most of them listen too anyway.

So radio stations...listeners...if you want to reach this next generation it's time to step up and do something.

Oh yeah...for me. I just don't do it. I don't listen to them so I don't contribute. It's not for me. Therefore I don't have a voice. So apparently I'm part of my own problem. So why again am I writing this????


Gina McClain said...

The DJ's need some serious help also. Most of them sound like my stodgy uncle... certainly nothing like the DJ's on most popular radio stations.

Reaches a point where you have to stop and wonder... just what is the purpose and are we accomplishing that purpose?

Personally, I think they're missing it by a mile.

Thoughts from a serial youth pastor said...

Jason. Check out awesome station from Columbus,OH that is getting it right. You can listen to it live online.