Saturday, March 31, 2007

Innovation and Helping Others

It seems like a lot of the churches and pastors I follow in the blogging world do a lot of innovative things.

I think that is one thing that can happen when blogging and your career intersect.

It seems like most of the churches seem to thrive off each other, almost like a contest. Not intentionally. But there seems to be with most of them an attitude of what can I do next.

They don't copy, they don't take and do what the others have done. They innovate...they create.

Sometimes that is hard. I know. I haven't preached an unoriginal message since last October. And that was only because I really loved the theme and thought the message really related. Since then though all original.

I think there is a place for that though in church and youth ministry. It has allowed people who don't have time to tag along with others to create a better atmosphere where they are.

Here is my opinion and some other people aren't like this.

I couldn't give a rip if someone takes all my stuff and preaches it word for word.

Now I don't think they should take stories about my life and say it like it was their own. But they can take the meat and make it their's. They can take my videos...everything ...and use it.

I was going to create it anyway. It was going in the box afterward never to be used again. Why not???

I'm not even gonna sell it to them. Why???

Cause I'm like that. I, for one, see no reason to "profit" off it. To sell it to the masses.

But what about the costs? The costs will be worth it. It's no different than missions. We don't get any money back on that.

I want to be able to make it as easy as I can for others to do what they are called to do.

I think that's one reason I like so much. And there are others churches that are doing this as well.

It was a joy recently to send some materials to a friend of mine up in Nebraska. Due to his time restraints I am hoping this can help him as well as inspire him along the way.

I want to make the barriers that others may already have and help bring them down.

There were many times along the way that I wished I could have bought some materials to help but couldn't. My church budget was non-existent as well as my personal budget.

I am looking forward to the day when I can make this happen in a big way. I hope to post links to more of my messages and other materials for now. I am going to use every free method I can right now to help others.

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