Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Wanna vs. Gotta

Great post by Mark Waltz "Wanna vs. Gotta". Here is an excerpt:

How do you help volunteers move from I "gotta" serve, to I "wanna" serve? Here are some brief thoughts:
  • Talk "opportunity to make a difference" rather than "we need to do this".
    • Sometimes our own communication to our team reveals an urgent pressure we feel to get it right. We end up saying, "we gotta do this" without realizing it.
  • Cast vision through genuine acknowledgment of "job well done".
    • Rather than just say "thank you", remind people of the great difference they are making, the kingdom impact they're having because of their sacrificial serving.
  • Create new "norms" for serving by inviting new people to your team.
    • Invite them to new paradigms of serving. New people who hear fresh vision have no former frame of reference. They won't be comparing what "used to be" to "what is". They'll not be used to some other schedule or set of expectations.
    • These new people create the new norm as more and more new people redefine the culture and climate of the team and ministry.
  • Work with your leadership/pastoral team to develop a message series or journey, inviting the entire church to see serving as a lifestyle, as a privilege - a norm for every Christ-follower.
    • When you want to take your team from task to heart - where team members show up on time, serve with gratitude, and understand the "why" behind the "what", you need to approach it globally as an entire church. If folks are struggling to grasp vision, it's likely not limited to one area or team. The whole body has room to grow with a kingdom mindset that sees beyond themselves to others who matter to God.
Great stuff Mark.

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