Monday, February 19, 2007

A Goals Update

Just a little update on some of my goals.

Going into this year I had two main goals. The first was to lose some weight. I was up to 265. Now I don't feel like that is a lot since I used to weigh 275 in the offseason as a bodybuilder. But since I hadn't lifted like that in over 10 years the 265 was a little heavy. Well I am now hovering at the 250 mark. Course it's tough cause all those goodies are calling my name. But I am making progress.

The second goal is to read through the Message Bible this year. I've fallen a little behind on that one. Once you get behind it is hard to catch up so I am purposing to stay consistent.

My third obscure one was to cut down on the blogs I read. I found it hard to cut down to 25 blogs and keep up with all the things going on out there. But I have kept it under 45.

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