Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Ministry Series

We finished some of our planning for this year. Our leadership team met yesterday and we planned out the next three monthes in detail. Just thought I would let you in on all the series that we are doing this year.

Here is our 2007 Meeting Feeding Schedule:

1. Pursuit - "The Greatest Chase of All" (Check out my graphic for the Series)
Message Titles For This Series Include: Chasing After an Awesome God, Running the Incredible Race, The Bold Pursuit, and Quit Dating God.

2. Inked - "Marked By God"
3. Lost - "Surviving the Mystery of the Unknown"
4. Heroes - "Came to Earth To Save Me"
5. Decisions - "Making Every Decision A Great One"
6. Infect - "Becoming A Contagious Christian"
7. All Out War - "Investigating Spiritual Warfare"
(Special Thanks to Simply Youth Ministry for this Christmas Present)
8. Re-Define - "Breaking the Way Culture has Defined Us"
9. Verdict - "Living a Convicting Life"

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