Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Tonight I went to see a high school basketball game with a couple of boys from our church playing in it.

It was tough watching for me because I was a basketball coach for about 12 years and when I go I just can't sit and watch. I start looking at all the form breaks and flaws in their fundamentals. Now keep reading cause I'm going to make a point with all this.

One reason I hated coaching boy's basketball was because so often it was hard to coach guys who thought they were these superstar players. They would use their athleticism to compensate for a lack of fundamentals. So when I was watching tonight I was seeing all the little fundamentals that these boys had. These are the things that could take most of these boys from a good player to a great player and make their team outstanding.

It had me thinking about how we need to practice the fundamentals in our lives. This past year I spent most of my time in the word only when I was studying for messages. That is not going to cut it in my life. I have got to be reading and filling myself with the word on a daily basis.

So this year one of my goals is to read through the Message Bible this year. It really is a simple thing to do but it requires discipline. It requires staying on track daily. You can read through the entire Bible in a year by reading about 15 minutes today. There are only bible reading guides that can help you.

There are other fundamentals that should be practiced but start today with something like prayer, giving, serving, consistently in church, etc....

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